Dhikr Pictural

In a journey between the overriding origins and the universal to which one has access through spiritual knowledge and spiritual symbolism, Anissa Berkane expresses a plenitude drawn from the “Dhikr” : each painting is a reminder in itself, a remembring, an everlasting evocation of God.

Mysterious letters preceding the Surates of the Quran as a star linking our five continents and all beings together, it is intimately and humbly whispered to us that spirituality, to which faith invites us, is genuinely the liberator and the exclusive holder of the secret of communion, the source of peace and love.

Graduate from the academic school of fine arts in the 80s “Société des Beaux-Arts”, under the wing of Abderrahmane Sahouli, Anissa Berkane shares here with us the fruit of a 20 years long artistic, intellectual and spiritual process.

Initially skilled in Orientalism, she indulged in her first foray into nonfigurative painting as she met Rachid Koraichi during his exhibition at Esma Gallery in 2000. At that moment, she felt a bright and a deep energy shining from her inner-self, enabling her to “move on” and to deliver what she had deep inside of her. This exhibition is the fruit of her new line of thought. This unquenchable thirst for knowledge and share that accompanies Anissa in her artistic quest.

These nineteen paintings tell us today how much Anissa Berkane is fully and sincerely grateful for the opportunity she has to pass on her love and peace message, but not only, also her revolts against suffering and injustice of this world. “It’s not a given-gift, but rather transcendence”, she says humbly.

  • Théâtre de verdure, Algiers – 1992
  • Galerie Benia, Algiers– 1999
  • Hotel El Aurassi, Algiers – 2000
  • Galerie Esma, Riad El Feth, Algiers – 2002
  • Galerie El Kenz, Sidi Fredj, Algiers – 2005
  • Dar El Yakout, Algiers – 2005
  • Bachmara, Algiers – 2006
  • Yedd Culture, Berlin – 2007
  • Lavoir, St Tropez – 2007
  • Les Cascades Cheraga, Algiers – 2011
  • Bab Ezzouar, Algiers – 2012
  • Dar Abdellatif, Algiers – 2016
  • Teheran – 2016
  • P21 Gallery, London – 2017
  • Algerian Cultural Center, Paris – 2018